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Cork Feminista is a voluntary feminist organisation that was founded in August 2010. We arrange monthly meetings around topical human rights and feminist issues, facilitate creative workshops, fund-raisers, and campaign events, as well as manage social networking websites, an online blog, and compose a weekly E-Newsletter.  We are in the process of establishing a resource centre in The Other Place on South Main Street.  The Cork Feminista Resource Centre will host a variety of educational and creative workshops, support groups, and serve as an information point linking women to appropriate agencies and services.

In March 2013 Liz Madden, Maureen Considine and Emily Davis-Fletcher became the new Co-Organisers of Cork Feminista.  In November 2013 Maureen left Cork Feminista to pursue other projects.

Liz Madden- Coordinator


Liz Madden is a graduate of the MA in Women’s Studies UCC. She is now a coordinator of Cork Feminista as well as teaching on UCC’s Adult Education Women’s Studies team.

Emily Davis-Fletcher – Coordinator

me in columbia 2012

Emily Davis-Fletcher is becoming the woman she was born to be–writer, poet, sister, daughter, granddaughter, confidante and every shade of gyno in between.  She is excited about her new role as co-organizer of  Cork Feminista, viewing it as an important step in her journey back to herself.
She first experienced the transformative power of female solidarity while attending Marian Heights Academy, an all-girls boarding school run by Benedictine nuns in Ferdinand, Indiana.  At the end of her high school education, the nuns did not ask her to join their monastic community. She probably would not have joined their gang anyway but feels it would have been nice to be asked, especially since they asked Melissa and Lindsey.
She was accepted into another community of dynamic women at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, where daily mass and lifelong celibacy were not required. She received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Stephens College in 2006.
She first came to Cork in 2005 to “study” which was a pretense to get lost or find herself; she is not sure which but is confident the outcome is the same for both.
In 2008, she earned a Master’s in Women’s Studies from NUI, Galway and believes anyone who strives publicly or personally for women’s equality is a feminist.
Today, she endeavors to explore the endless truths of female experience and sisterhood in her writing.
If she had lived 100 years ago, she would have been a spinster but supports her great-grandmothers’ decisions to marry and become widows.

Maureen Considine – Online Editor/ Organiser (2012-Nov2013)


Maureen Considine is an artist who was born in Cork and grew up in social housing in Mayfield with her mother and four siblings. An early exposure to equality issues has had a major impact on her personal development, artistic practice and research interests. Maureen has a B.A. in Fine Art from CIT Crawford College of Art and Design and an M.A. in Modern and Contemporary Art from University College Cork. Maureen’s particular interests in social housing (design, regeneration and tenant rights) and art and culture focused on the female experience.

In her role as Online Editor at Cork Feminista Maureen worked to foster an inclusive and intersectional feminism.

The Founders

Cork Feminista was founded by Linda Kelly and Dr. Jennifer DeWan in August 2010 to provide a discussion and activist space for feminism in Cork.  It is a collective of women and men who meet once a month to discuss different issues related to gender equality and feminism. The meetings allow participants to explore their thoughts on issues and network with other campaigners.

Organisers Jennifer DeWan & Linda Kelly. Photo by Christine Allen.

From April 2012 to February 2013, Audrey Ellard Walsh joined the Cork Feminista team as our online editor. Audrey first became involved with Cork Feminista two years ago when Gender Equality Officer for the UCC Students’ Union. As an activist much of her work has been around the topic of encouraging young women to get involved in student politics and in raising awareness of the inequalities in the political field at large.

She is no stranger to writing on feminist issues, as Deputy Editor for the UCC Express, blogger and a contributer to online and print publications. She has also interned with European Movement Ireland as a Communications Stagiaire.

She has a BA in English and Politics from UCC and is studying for an MBS in Government.

Audrey Ellard Walsh, Online Editor with Cork Feminista

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