The purpose of this post is to brainstorm around DOT shaped placards for the demo next Sat, 9th July.

NB: If you are coming to the demo, please bring your own dot!

If you want to come along, but don’t want to hold a dot, we will need people to give out leaflets and generally give a hand too!

What kind of dot should I make??

It can be any colour and obviously should be dot shaped (ie a circle) and must have two holes at either side as shown in this diagram. This is so we can ‘join the dots’ together with rope. For size, a good rule of thumb is to get someone to hold the dot and walk a few feet away from you. If you can still read it – it’s a good size! Β For materials, either pop into your local shop and ask them for some empty crisp boxes or else hit up Easons for an AO Poster Card (about €3). Vibes & Scribes and Cork Art Supplies would also be likely places to get materials. But you should be able to make a great dot with a free piece of cardboard and a permanent marker!

There are five general themes we aim to cover in the demo:

  • The sexualisation of young girls
  • Objectification of women in advertising/media
  • Challenging Myths/Stereotypes like ‘if you’re a slut you deserve it’ and challenging victim shaming
  • The acts of sexual violence – rape, date rape, corrective rape and all other forms of sexual assault and abuse
  • Justice & the legal system – from comments made by guards to the poor conviction rate

At our planning meeting today, we started chatting and came up with a few different phrases, feel free to use these on dots:

  • Rape is never ok
  • Over 2/3 of women are raped by someone they know
  • Do you find rape jokes funny? I don’t.
  • We don’t ever ask to be raped.
  • Sex is something you do with me, not to me.
  • Rape is about power not desire.
  • If you use boobs to sell a product, I won’t buy it.
You could also pair up with a friend and make a Q&A pair of dots to highlight an issue!
So get creative and add your own slogans in the comments!
To make sure we have all our bases (ie dots) covered – please let us know via the comments, facebook, twitter or email what dot/theme you plan on covering!
Here are some posters I came across which might also provide some inspiration! (More are available on the Facebook Page)
Happy Dot Making!
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3 Responses to DotTastic!

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  3. gardenphoenix says:

    I adore some of those placards. Hope the event goes off without a hitch!❀

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